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KDE 4.2 – Day 5

I am starting to grow more comfortable with the KDE desktop. Quick keys are starting to become habit, I am enjoying the visuals and smoothness. Ipod support in amarok is okay although not yet 100% there in my opinion. Kpackagekit still gives me cryptic messages which seem more about the programming underneath than user messages – one recommending that I should be forking. Using plain old apt-get installs the apps without complaint.

I have changed the theme to darker colours and played around with different theme sets. The kubuntu default colours are far too light and “in your face”. Glassified and Thin Glow are both desktop themes with much to admire except that I didn’t think they were without their issues.

The wallpaper can be found here

KDE 4.2 – Day 2

Spent all day with KDE. Found lots of things to like but also things that just don’t work as expected…

CTRL+= or CTRL+- makes the desktop freeze. I can move the mouse but nothing responds to it or the keyboard. I can jump to CTRL-ALT-F1 and log in and see that nothing is holding up the processor etc. When I jump back to X11 (F7) the screen won’t redraw, it’s just black with a mouse pointer (which I can still move around).

Changing the look and feel is partially successful (see the screenshot)
The multimedia keys on my Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard don’t work by default (they do in Ubuntu 9.04). Sad making :(

Konqueror is not a supported browser for google apps yet which leaves me using Firefox which is sluggish especially now that the KDE desktop is so much more responsive.

Installing the KDE approved photo manager of digikam is proving to be non-trivial. On a default initial install it seems that there are incompatibilities between libgpod4 and libgpod4-nogtk! Awesome. Running sudo aptget install digikam from the terminal seems to work fine. I don’t know what kPackageKit is complaining about?

Some of the widgets behave poorly or are incomplete an example is when rotating and resizing the blue marble widget.
I have read many opinions on various community boards that suggest that kubuntu doesn’t necessarily produce the best KDE 4.x experience. Having used Ubuntu for many years, there is indeed a disconnect between the polish of the out of the box experience. KDE is a beautiful desktop – I really do mean beautiful and smooth and integrated, screenshots don’t really do it justice as so much is in the way it moves and transistions.

So far I am 50/50 as to whether I can stick with it. Tomorrow I begin to try to be productive with it.

Kubuntu 9.04

For a long time I was a KDE user however since using ubuntu I have grown used to using the gnome desktop. I was always still a fan of KDE but not a fan of the ubuntu treatment of it. With the announcement of the KDE rewrite I was very excited and keen to give it a go. I have tried KDE 4.0 and 4.1 and found it too buggy/hard to use daily. I have decided to give KDE a go again in Kubuntu 9.04.

First impressions are that it looks very slick and feels fast. So far I have had two apps crash but nothing critical. There is enough different from KDE 3.5 and Gnome that it feels like learning a new desktop manager.

I will continue to play with it.