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Kubuntu 9.04

For a long time I was a KDE user however since using ubuntu I have grown used to using the gnome desktop. I was always still a fan of KDE but not a fan of the ubuntu treatment of it. With the announcement of the KDE rewrite I was very excited and keen to give it a go. I have tried KDE 4.0 and 4.1 and found it too buggy/hard to use daily. I have decided to give KDE a go again in Kubuntu 9.04.

First impressions are that it looks very slick and feels fast. So far I have had two apps crash but nothing critical. There is enough different from KDE 3.5 and Gnome that it feels like learning a new desktop manager.

I will continue to play with it.

Ubuntu 9.04 Release soon

Not long to wait for the next ubuntu. Release date is 23rd April (5 days).

For more info check out the technical overview. I have been using the beta and haven’t noticed any serious issues, overall it has been stable for me. My gotcha’s for those wanting to play along were pulse audio and sounds not playing for flash (I had to install the adobe flash player not the default one that came with the install), getting a mic to work (my unfamiliarity with pulse audio) and (not necessarily an ubuntu issue) Firefox 3.0.8 is just getting slower and stranger – just times out, net banking gives me strange errors (something about using the back button) and some other javascripty/ajax kinda weirdness – for example captchas on never worked for me. Midori browser worked for all of those issues.

Ubuntu 9.04 Beta

Installed Ubuntu 9.04 Beta on my Dell Inspiron notebook today.

First impressions: I like. It’s not perfect, I’ve seen a few odd things (more on that below) but overall my first impression is that it is faster and feels smoother. Everything worked out of the box – wifi, correct resolution, sound etc. So far so good.


  • Some nice new visuals – boot screen is okay, nice login screen.
  • New wallpaper is still brownish, but deeper and richer looking. I still changed it as one of the first things, but it was an improvement.
  • Finally dust is a pre-installed theme. Massive props.
  • Smooth transitions – this one is hard to explain until you see it in action, but it feels more polished.
  • Disk partitioning at install was faster to scan. The last few ubuntu’s have been slow as a dog when you try to manual partition from the installer.


  • The timezone selector at install time has the +10 zone band all over the shop. Brisbane, Australia is in Indonesia, Sydney is off the sunshine coast. Canberra is near Sydney. Not a total show stopper, but it has been right in past versions, why be wrong now? Bug confirmed and fix committed in launchpad.
  • I formatted / as ext4. Grub wouldn’t boot. Reformatted as ext3 and no problems.
  • While using it after the first reboot, after I left the laptop idle for 10mins I came back and it was back at the login screen. It hasn’t happened since (yet) but it was not a good feeling to lose what I was working on.
  • Firefox 3.0.8 feels more sluggish than ever, especially since the rest of the desktop feels even faster by comparison.

Conclusion: Being dumped out to the login screen makes me hesitant to recommend the beta unless you like living on the wild side. Other than that issue, on my Dell it feels much faster than 8.10. The greater selection of pre-installed themes is very nice. Roll on the final release!