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Bitterness and Ruin

I have, in the past, written several short plays. Most are unfinished and some have even been performed at the Genesian Theatre in Sydney. It was during the casting process for “Wuthering Heights” that I was about to stage manage that I wrote an audition piece to put the auditioning Heathcliff’s through. I wanted to try to capture the many extreme moods that a Heathcliff would have to travel through. Heathcliff is at times rough and blunt but he has some extremely subtle distinctions between love and hate and is ultimately remembered as someone who took his revenge to the next generation. Emily Bronte truly created a powerful anti-hero in her Heathcliff.

So here is the audition piece/monologue.

Feedback welcome. If you do decide to use it, then drop me a comment and tell me how it went.